The Wedding bands must make such a wedding list which can hit the dance floor and that everyone in the wedding enjoys the songs because the guests consist of younger people as well as an old and middle-aged person and the wedding band in Birmingham must know when to play which sort of songs.

Most of the couples nowadays take advice from wedding band leader and search the songs on google and another musical streaming site. The wedding band must know to cover the wedding ceremony from temporal to modern music and reception entrance songs to walk-out songs

So the songs wedding bands must have in their playlist are:

  1. Stevie wonder’s song that is “signed, sealed, delivered”:

This is a great song that wedding band should have in their playlist not just because it has wonderful lyrics but also all the age groups know this song very well. This song definitely hit the dance floor whenever played in the wedding ceremonies.

  1. “Let’s dance” by David Bowie:

It is a very popular 80s hit songs whenever wedding band play this song at the wedding it gathers a huge crowd even the non-dancers also dance a little bit on this song.

  1. The song “get lucky” by Daft Punk featuring Pharrell Williams:

This song is catching on the dance floor, and it’s not possible that any one remain sitting on their seats when the wedding band plays this song,., everyone in the wedding ceremony sings this song along with dancing and this song has a feel of disco rather it’s a modern song. So this song rocks the wedding parties whenever it is played.

  1. Tenacious D’s song i.e. a “tribute”:

If you like rock music and the wedding band you hired plays rock music as well. So this song is requested by any couples to add it in the playlist of a wedding song. Whenever the wedding band play this song to rock the party each and every person in the ceremony sings this song from start to the end.

  1. “Fisherman’s blue’s” by the Waterboys:

This song is really amazing and beautiful. The wedding band play this song which creates a lovely feeling in the atmosphere and its very romantic and mysterious song. It’s a great song for families and friends.

  1. The song by “the Beatles”  which is “twist and shout”:

The wedding band should include one twisting song in their play list. It’s very popular song among the kids also,,, and everyone knows it very well…

  1. The clash song “ should I stay or should I go “:

The wedding band must have this song in your playlist as it is a highly energetic song, it’s amazing for the dancing night when the dance floor is full. It really convince the guys who haven’t dance in the wedding ceremony and it a great hit song.

These are the amazing songs that can be added to your playlist, Click here for the wedding band agency hire in Birmingham.

The Must Have Wedding Playlist

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